Our Chamber

Mission Statement

The Cayucos Chamber of Commerce strives to be a cornerstone in the development of our unique beach community. The chamber supports and promotes local businesses; educates and informs tourists of the opportunities available to them in the area; and encourages residents in community involvement and provides a voice for community concern.

Vision Statement

The chamber's vision is to give Cayucos the boost it needs to maintain its unique beach town character while at the same time promote, develop, and stimulate the local economy and community involvement. As one of the last frontiers as a small beach town, Cayucos is spectacularly located on a natural bay and surrounded by rolling hills. By taking advantage of our exceptional location and array of recreational activities and business services, the chamber will move forward in areas such as improving event planning and support services for our local businesses. Our vision is to create an environment which draws the young and old back to Cayucos again and again, generation after generation - not only during the peak seasons and special events, but throughout the year.

board of Directors

The Cayucos Chamber of Commerce is governed by a board of directors who serve a term of two years. Directors are volunteers that love Cayucos, believe in Cayucos, and have the desire to be actively involved in the community. The board meets once a month to plan and carry out the many activities it sponsors during the year. It is also accountable to its members to promote Cayucos by planning events that bring visitors to Cayucos as well as involve residents to use our local businesses and services. The board maintains a budget and plans fundraising to cover expenses as well as contribute to the community.

Chamber Board meetings are held every third Wednesday at the Cayucos Visitor's Center.
41 S. Ocean Avenue in Cayucos.  
5:30pm. All welcome. 

2018 Dates
- September 19
- October 17
- November 21
- December 19

Gil Igleheart, President
Dick Mellinger, Vice-President
Brendan Fritzsche, Treasurer
Angela Flores, Secretary

Laila Kollmann, Director
Billy Shea, Director
Michele Lilley, Director
Lori Stone, Director
Jason Hargett, Director